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This view shows our repeater site with new equipment installed in a small room of about six feet by twelve feet. All the equipment on the left side is protected by the Main UPS and backed up by 100 amp hour batteries donated by Frank VanDelden,KB3KLB. This provides about four to five days of battery backup.

Transfer Switch & Cable:

These views show the Transfer switch and cable for the emergency Generator operation during a power failure. Mike Staley WB3LJK, wired and installed the transfer switch that was donated by Frank KB3KLB. This will provide emergency power for recharging and building needs.
Generator Control Panel: 

Used to connect the portable generator to replace commericial power during failures.
Monitor & Charger:
Battery Charger:

This series show the Batteries and external charger used for floating and recharging the 100 amp hour batteries. Each battery is individually fused for protection and fed by the covered buss bar. W3ICF constructed the battery rack and installed the buss fusing. The charger can handle three separate strings of batteries, but all must be of the same type. We also have additional batteries for each Repeater that cut in if the main UPS Battery system fails and will support them at low power output for twelve hours or more.

Standby Batteries consists of two strings of 6, 100 amp hour 12 volt batteries. Additional batteries provide secondary back up at reduced transmitter output.
Repeater & Laptop: 

The Repeaters are both Vertex VXR-7000 commercial repeaters. They are programmed via software loaded on the laptop donated by John Stalnaker N3VTV. The Duplexer is located in the metal cabinet and maintained by Al Farnham KB3MKJ who was kind enough to purchase test equipment on his own to enable us to work on our noise and interference problems. Other equipment shown in the racks are for the Digi-peater and remote control maintained by Rolan Clark, W3FDK . We would like to thank all these amateurs and other not mentioned here for the generosity and hard work to make the FARG System Work.

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