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The 146.73 repeater is one of Maryland's first Amateur repeaters and was possible through the hard work of well known Hams like Mel of Melcom K3ML, Gordon Parks (SK), Chuck Hite W3SOG (SK), and Marvin Phillips W3YAE. Many other hams of the past and present have also made it possible with their endless work and financial support. Without all of their help this project would no longer exist.

We have managed to replace both the 146.730 and 444.8 repeaters with the new Vertex VXR-7000 repeaters. The packet digi-peater on 145.09 has been changed to 145.750 and updated with new software  improvements . We presently provide Echolink access to the two meter repeater under the Call Sign of W3ICF with a node number of 14613. We provide short codes to local user to help reduce the number of digits dialed while mobile, our way of saying be safe and enjoy this system.



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